Ngozi Oknjo-Iweala on the need for action #GEFLive

Ngozi Oknjo-Iweala on the need for action #GEFLive

"We are talking about the challenges, we are also talking about the opportunities and the need for action" - Ngozi Oknjo-Iweala, Co-Chair of Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

About the 6th GEF Assembly

The Sixth GEF Assembly and Associated Meetings took place at the Furama International Conference Center in Da Nang, Viet Nam, from June 23-29, 2018.
The GEF Assembly is the governing body of the GEF and is composed of all 183 member countries. It meets every four years at the ministerial level to: review general policies; review and evaluate the GEF’s operation based on reports submitted to Council; review the membership of the Facility; and consider, for approval by consensus, amendments to the Instrument for the Establishment of the Restructured Global Environment Facility on the basis of recommendations by the Council.