Highlights from the Climate Action Summit Interviews

Highlights from the Climate Action Summit Interviews

Watch Connect4Climate's interviews's highlights with business leaders, governor representatives and civil society over the Climate Action Summit 2016 at the Peoples Haus digital media zone.


In terms of business, Peter Bakker, CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, thinks that youth have the most credible voice of all: "If young people say 'We don't want this product, we want another type of product' then companies are going to start producing it". Peter Bakker interviewed by Max Thabiso Edkins from Connect4Climate at the People's Haus Media Hub during the #ClimateAction 2016.

Jeffrey Sachs, Professor and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, considers important "Very important and powerful" that young people have been leading the movement (taking on climate change) at the Universities.

"One of the most effective things that youth can do is vote, to participate in elections. Letting your voice be heard when this very important decisions are being made", an interesting advise for youth to act on climate change by Angie Fyfe, Director of Resource Efficiency and Renewable Energy at ICLEI in USA.


"At the end of the day what moves people much faster is their's future generation lives", says Ouyn Sanjaasuren, President of UNEA and Member of Mongolia's Parliament interviewed by Max Thabiso Edkins from Connect4Climate today at #peopleshaus during the #ClimateAction.


Hakima El Haite, Minister Delegate in Charge of Environment of the Minister of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment of Morocco, has a special message for youth: "Youth can bring innovation, hope, and I think it is very important to involve them in the negotiation to make them understand what the challenges are, what we need for tomorrow and that they are able to innovate for us". Hakima El Haite interviewed by Max Thabiso Edkins today at #ClimateAction.

Ken Berlin, CEO of The Climate Reality Project shared a special message for young people: "For this [taking on climate change] to happen they have to be involved. Take action, do things, become involved and get things done".

"Go and inspire your parents", is the key message that Austin Blackmon, Chief of Environment, Energy and open Space at City of Boston, wants to share with youth.

John T. Dickert, Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, states that "There is no time to waste. The decision to whether it (climate change) is happening or not is over. It is happening and we are seeing it everyday. But more importantly: we are paying for it everyday".

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