Max Lives On In All Our Hearts


Reflections on the Life of our Beloved Friend and Colleague

Max Thabiso Edkins


We invite visitors to share their thoughts, feelings and anecdotes to help us create a tribute in Max's loving memory.


Dear Max Wherever you are now, you will be very much missed by the climate change community! you were so committed, engaging and inspirational. The Kidsforthefuture from 2016 will be always grateful Thanks for giving them the opportunity to engage You will be always remembered

Max was a true friend of Our Future Water, with him extending an offer for Our Future Water to become a Knowledge Partner with Connect4Climate in the early days of 2018. Max believed in Our Future Water and gave it an international reach and I will always be thankful to him for that. While Max could not speak at the Our Future Water Berlin Event in November 2018, he organised a wonderful video to inspire others on combatting climate change and creating a water-secure world. His video is here: Max was a true climate change leader and will be sorely missed by us all. We will honour him by fighting climate change and creating a world that he will be proud of.

I really hope I could see after I said to you I moved to US for a fellowship - but unfortunately death took you awake. See on brother.

This is just devastating news to receive. Max was a good friend of The Climate Reality Project, always supportive of our work and eager to collaborate. We'll miss Max's dedication to the cause and his warm personality. Such a huge, huge loss to our community. Rest in peace my friend.

My most heartfelt condolences to your family and friends. I only knew you professionally, and still miss you very much already. You extended support, when few others did. You encouraged me to keep pushing so that we could go further, faster, and together. My fight will continue, and it will still be together with you. And when it's time for me, I'll be looking forward to seeing you.

It is hard to come to terms with the knowledge that we have lost Max. Max was an incredible person and a tremendous communicator, climate leader and colleague. I have many memories of him doing outstanding work at CoPs, Innovate4Climate and other international meetings. It was always a highlight when he interviewed me, always with deep insight and coherence. He had a unique combination as a great communicator with substance on the big issues and a driving passion for addressing climate change. In November, he introduced a Connect4Climate film at the Talanoa Dialogue event with other climate leaders at the Royal Institution. As ever, he was passionate and insightful and lost nothing in comparison to higher profile,much older climate leaders. As he spoke, I felt inspired and proud to call him a friend as well as a wonderful colleague. I congratulated him after the event and described the history of the Royal Institution. He was delighted to hear about the scientific pioneers who had spoken at the Institution over the years and their role in promoting science and educating young - and old - through the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. It was a fitting platform for a young man whose light shone so brightly. We will miss him and I will honour his memory in my continuing commitment to address climate change. With deepest sympathies in the knowledge that Max's work and our memory of him will live on. James Close

I really hope I could see after I said to you I moved to US for a fellowship - but unfortunately death took you awake.

Change the Pallet was deeply saddened to learn of Max's passing. On behalf of the entire Change the Pallet team, please accept our heartfelt condolences. Many years ago Max and Daniel took a chance on Change the Pallet. Our campaign was more of an idea than an organization until Max helped write our Knowledgeable Partner piece for C4C. Max was gifted at articulating big visions, but no project or idea was too small for his time and thoughtful consideration. We will forever be grateful to Max, Daniel and our friends at C4C for putting our little idea on the map. Again, our heartfelt condolences to Max's family and Connect4Climate for the tremendous loss of a wonderful man and advocate for the environment. Adam M. Pener

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No words can express the pain at a loss this big to parents, brother Teboho and Max's extended family. He was a champion long before he championed climate change and he was loved. We'll be watching this live, father Don, from SA. Please know we stand beside you as you ache for your child, your adventurer, your champion. We seek with you to make his life count with those who care less about championing the champions of climate change> Max Thabiso Edkins, rest in peace, knowing you have made your mark on us, on yours, on your planet. Rev Dr Dennis Bailey, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Max was a dear friend and strong partner to all of us at the United Nations working on climate action and communications. He was instrumental in supporting the vision and growth of the SDG Media Zone. I will always remember the time we connected the SDG Media Zone at the UN Ocean Conference (in New York) with Connect4Climate's SDG Media Zone in Bologna at the G7 Environment Minister meeting. On World Ocean Day, Max and I spoke live as we combined our audiences and announced the winner (live by Skype from Dhaka!) of Connect4Climate's photo competition. It was an imaginative and bold idea that showcased the great spirit of collaboration and partnership that Max was known for pioneering. Max was a polished interviewer too and I was happy to bring my boss, the President of the UN General Assembly, to his camera on more than one occasion. He was always polite and diplomatic and never failed to slip in a tough (but fair) question or two! Max was an excellent communicator and a shining example of multilateralism at its best. A handsome man with a ready smile, Max will be missed by all his many friends at the United Nations Secretariat in New York.

t'm sorry for your lost Thoughts and prayer

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