Top Countries Producing Wind and Solar Electricity

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Top Countries Producing Wind and Solar Electricity
February 16, 2018
Valli Vishnubhotla / Green Match
Renewable energy is infinite, affordable, clean and does not generate any emissions. It creates jobs, stimulates domestic economies and results in clean water and air. Wind and solar energy can differentiate country’s energy portfolio. Therefore, they are considered reliable sources of electricity.
For centuries wind energy was used for many purposes: pump water, grind grain, move ships and generate electricity. Across time the benefits expanded so that windmills, for example, help keep low electric rates and avoid the volatility of fossil fuel prices.
Most renewable energy comes from the sun so, people start using solar panels for solar cooling, water heating, and electricity production. The technology does not cause air or water pollution and greenhouse effects. Moreover, when utility rates are high solar energy is the most efficient way to use.
The map below shows the countries that invested in building technology suitable for renewable energy and produce the highest amount of electricity. Countries with lower indicators should create incentives to enhance the use of wind and solar energy. Data for the research was obtained from statistics provided by International Energy Agency in 2016.
Level of Clean Electricity Production
Key findings
Portugal ranks on the top of countries that generate the most wind and solar electricity, surpassing New Zealand and Scandinavian countries.
European countries such as Spain, UK, Germany, Romania, and Italy dominate the top 10 highest electricity production. New Zealand also proves its progressive attitude towards clean energy and sustainability and registers a level of 23.2% electricity generation.
Surprisingly, in the top lowest renewable energy producing countries, we can find Venezuela, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and UAE that are situated in areas with high level of solar radiation.
Hopefully, this research will become a reason for concern to political leaders, and it will make them invest more in renewable energy production.
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