The rise of rooftop energy storage

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The rise of rooftop energy storage
August 13, 2018
Lara Walsh
There is a growing demand for renewable energy sources as results of global warming become more evident year on year. While you would struggle to fit a wind farm or tidal hydroelectrical system on your property – rooftop solar energy is available, affordable and on the rise.
The global community is taking steps to ramp up renewable energy programmes. Solar energy is one of the most widely discussed due to its simple implementation. The ready availability and various technological advances make it one of the most viable options.
Lara Walsh has created this infographic to highlight the emerging trends in rooftop solar energy. Read on to find out how attitudes are changing, and which countries are leading the way.
Stand out facts include:
          The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2050 solar power could be the world’s largest producer of electricity
          China’s growth of solar panel usage was the largest in the world during 2016 – growing by 46%
          Almost one in four Australian households have some form of solar panel system installed in their homes