The "United Nations World Youth Report - Youth & Climate Change"

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Young people have made it abundantly clear that they want to be involved in the decisions impacting society and addressing climate change is no exception. Throughout the world, youth have developed creative ways to raise awareness, share information, build capacities, and work together on climate change mitigation and adaptation practices–often achieving impressive results through their own initiatives. Young people can combat climate change not only as members of youth organizations, but also as individuals. Each of the world’s 1.2 billion young women and men has an impact on the environment. Through the choices they make in their everyday lives, they contribute to the preservation or degradation of their natural surroundings. Historically, the younger generation has promoted change and embraced innovative values. In many cases, youth have been the initiators of social movements that have given rise to cultural and social transformations. While the young people of today constitute a major consumer group, many of them are dissatisfied with the consumer societies in which they live and are seeking alternative lifestyles. This could mean a drive for change.

Credit: United Nations