Nigeria - Private sector participation in solid waste management activities in Ibadan (Vol. 2)

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The report entitled “Private Sector Participation of Solid Waste Management Activities in Ibadan” provides Oyo State Government with recommendations to improve the technical, legal and institutional environment for the immediate, medium and the long term interventions in solid waste management. The outlined policy recommendations detailed in the full report aims to guide the Oyo State Government in identifying areas within the solid waste management sector that would improve efficiency from private sector participation. Improving solid waste management is a high priority for Oyo State Government, alongside in reducing the burden of publicly funded waste management on the State’s finances. The State recognizes the need to improve the level of private sector participation in order to overcome the technical and financial deficiencies currently associated with solid waste management in Ibadan, and that private investment in the sector can help increase efficiency, lower costs and improve the quality of service. Whilst this report focuses on Ibadan, many cities in Nigeria and in Western Africa face similar challenges faced in solid waste management and the recommendations provided within the report can assist in improving the efficiency and quality of service.

Photo Credit: Ivan Bruce