Climate Change Key for Lesotho’s Domestic and Industrial Water Security, Agricultural Production and Regional Water Transfers

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The report examines the implications of climate change for Lesotho’s future development and economy, focusing particularly on the different water infrastructure investments being considered by the Government of Lesotho. Through assessing the performance of the water management system the study tests how different adaptation strategies would affect water availability for different sectors under a wide range of possible future climatic conditions up to 2050.

Report conclusions include:

  • Continued implementation of Lesotho Lower Lands Support Scheme, which is key to realizing national development goals
  • Regional water transfers to provide important revenue streams to support economic development and poverty alleviation
  • Multi-purpose development of water related infrastructure which can support expanded irrigated agriculture leading to enhanced food security and rural opportunities
  • Recurrent investments needed to sustain data collection and analyses and provide the information required to inform policy decisions and guide investment planning

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