Fake or Real Christmas Trees: Which is the Greener Choice?

Fake or Real Christmas Trees: Which is the Greener Choice?

The climate change crisis has reached severe levels during 2019, leaving many of us this Christmas season wondering how we can make the holidays more eco-friendly. Reducing waste at Christmas time can be achieved by making using public transport to visit relatives instead of taking the car, walking to the shops to do your Christmas shopping and trying to keep food waste to a minimum. One thing that’s still up for debate, however, is the Christmas tree. 

During December, most of us will be shopping for decorations to make our homes festive in time for Christmas day. When it comes to deciding whether a fake or real tree is better for the environment, the opinions are split pretty much down the middle. Surely buying a real tree is better for the environment? But what about all the land that’s been taken up by Christmas tree farms? And isn’t a plastic tree more reusable? 

Christmas time is for celebration, however, with the events of this year, putting the environment first has never been more important. Whilst we should still enjoy the Christmas season, this should also be an opportunity for us to think about how we can celebrate the holiday whilst being mindful of the planet too.

Mainland Aggregates have looked further into the fake vs. real Christmas tree debate and have brought you this infographic which gives the official verdict on which is best for the environment. Check it out to learn more!