Albert Einstein: The Father of Solar Cells

Albert Einstein: The Father of Solar Cells
Albert Einstein: The Father of Solar Cells

How Einstein's theory of the photoelectric effect changed the world. 

Solar energy is being regarded as the power source of the future. As is widely accepted by the scientific community, the existing and emerging technologies that use sunlight to generate electricity are considered the cleanest renewable energy source available. Most importantly, it’s a potential solution to the ongoing environmental problems caused by the overuse of Earth’s natural resources and high fossil fuel consumption. 

Even though the climate change is one of the most critical issues that mankind currently faces, the denial of the broad scientific consensus that human activity is the primary cause of global warming is a social phenomenon that has to be addressed. Therefore, to tackle these challenges it’s crucial to promote green energy and praise those who have dedicated their lives to finding solutions that have changed the world.

GreenMatch designed an infographic that highlights the crucial events of Einstein’s life and his impact on the development of solar power.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Aside from being one of the most quotable people of all time, Albert Einstein contributed a great deal to the science behind today's solar energy revolution. In fact, contrary to popular belief, he never won a Nobel prize for his theory of relativity. It was the explanation of the photoelectric effect that provided him the prestigious award. Einstein went on to argue how light was made up of tiny packets of energy called photons, and that idea is what makes it possible for today’s solar panels to work at all.

Hats off to Mr. Einstein!

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My name is Wiktoria Jablonska and I'm working for GreenMatch, a comparison service company, helping people to save money on green energy solutions. We’re dedicated to engaging more people in sustainability. Therefore, we work hard to spread the news about environmental issues and renewable solutions.
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