Connect4Climate is connecting to take on climate change.

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Going Solar

The Case for Photovoltaic Power in the Developing World




Film4Climate: How is the Film Industry Taking on Climate Change?

Connect4Climate partners with the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG 30) to co-hosts first green film forum in Mexico




Discover Our New Partner: Orange Fiber

We at Connect4Climate are very excited to announce our new partnership with Orange Fiber, an innovative and cutting-edge textile company based in Italy that makes sustainable fabric from fruit




Connect4Climate Follows Up with Mants’ase Children’s Home in Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho

Receiving entries to the Africa Photo and Video Competition from every country in Africa, Connect4Climate team members have kept in touch with many of the contest participants and winners, including Mants’ase Children’s Home



Adding Another Brick in the Great Green Wall

Sahel and West Africa land actors meet at African Union for the 2nd SAWAP Conference under the BRICKS project to add another brick in the Great Green Wall




Film4Climate announced at Berlinale

Organizers of the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG-30) announced Italy as guest of honor in 2015 as well as the Film4Climate 2-day event.




Cycling for a green planet

There is plenty of evidence that shows cycling can boost fitness and health, help cut costs on gasoline and other expenses, and helps reduce pollution. All of this is true, but there is another reason cycling should be promoted— it can support the social and economic progress of less developed countries.




Student Highlights from Climate Workshop

Students Yuxin Liu, Carmen Casado, Fiorella Rayme, Emile El Ghandour and Adriana Sedjeu share their thoughts on the "Youth for Climate Action - Role of Sport4Climate" Workshop held to launch Action/2015




The need to establish universal green building standards

We have a narrow window of opportunity to ensure buildings are well-designed, with quality construction and optimization for energy efficiency.




2014 is warmest on record

NASA and NOAA scientists confrm that the year 2014 ranks as Earth’s warmest since 1880. There is no doubt that we must connect to take on climate change.




Youth Impress to Take On Their Future

To celebrate the launch of Action/2015 at the World Bank students we invited to a workshop to discuss strategies to take on climate change. Lucia Grenna explains how change comes from the ground up, and that many of the answers will come from the young. After all, it is their future.




15 Highlights from 2014


COP20 concludes in Lima

In Lima, Connect4Climate supported several high-level sessions at COP 20. With a range of key decisions agreed and action-agendas launched, including on how to better scale up and finance adaptation, alongside actions on forests and education the world looks ahead.




An Argentinian dream arrives in Times Square

Two young filmmakers from Cordoba, Argentina, won the Action4Climate competition with the short film “The Violin Player” that shows the need for climateaction. The Argentinian film director Pablo Trapero was a member of the jury that selected the animated short as the winner. It was also shown on the giant screens in New York City's Times Square.


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Mandela’s Inspiration for Climate Action

It’s hard to believe that the world has been without Nelson Mandela for more than a year. We remember him for his leadership, his wisdom and his ability to bring people together. His legacy inspires me to help advance the global movement for climate action. - by Lucia Grenna



World Is Locked into ~1.5°C Warming, Action is Needed Now

Globally, warming of close to 1.5°C above pre-industrial times is already locked into Earth’s atmospheric system by past and predicted greenhouse gas emissions. We can act now to deal with the impacts, which will particularly affect the poor, and transition to a low carbon future.

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Tweet the tweets, run the marathons

Sport matters to us. Most of the world passionately follows sport, whether it’s football, baseball, cycling, tennis, or the athletes competing at the Olympics. Climate change also matters to us.




Celebrating Solutions for Climate Change

Action4Climate youth films and actionable solutions to climate change were celebrated at the Sustainia Awards Ceremony.




#TakeOn Climate Change

A 15 second video emphasizing the World Bank Group's call to #TakeOn climate change to end poverty is being shown at airports around the US.




#Sport4Climate: Athletes tackle climate change

Sport is universal. So is climate change. That's why Connect4Climate has launch #Sport4Climate, a global communication initiative that showcases how sport is tackling one of Earth’s most formidable foes.




Knowledge4Climate Action

During the 2013 UN climate talks, Connect4Climate and the University of Warsaw co-hosted Be the Movement, a workshop to develop strategies for expanding and strengthening the global climate change movement. Knowledge4Climate Action reports the proceedings and recommendations developed by climate change activists, youth and concerned professionals.

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iChange Competition Re-Think Re-Design Re-New Right Here Right Now



Rhythms Del Mundo Africa Voices4Climate Africa Competition 2011



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  • Going Solar

    March 27 2015

    The Case for Photovoltaic Power in the Developing World

  • 5 Ways to Care for the Climate and People

    March 11 2015

    Since 1997 ClimateCare has specialised in projects that tackle climate change and deliver sustainable development outcomes. CEO Edward Hanrahan shares his thoughts about what makes a successful climate and development programme.

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