Set Your #EyesOnCOP26: The Time for Action is Now!

Set Your #EyesOnCOP26: The Time for Action is Now!

As we approach COP26 in Glasgow, the need for a robust, comprehensive climate action plan has never been more palpable. Following on from the first-of-its-kind Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition event that took place in Milan from Sep. 28-30, will world leaders attending COP26 acknowledge the increasingly severe impacts of the climate crisis worldwide, respect the demands of the Driving Ambition delegates, and take the necessary steps to turn things around and secure a sustainable future? To ensure they do, we need people of all ages and backgrounds to voice as sharply as possible the need for ambitious action and fix their #EyesOnCOP26.

Such is the impetus for Connect4Climate’s “The World is Watching” campaign, a multimedia outreach effort developed by C4C in collaboration with the Italian promotional agency I’m Not A Robot. Join the movement with our #WorldIsWatching Instagram filter and help us remind world leaders that the planet needs their backing now.

This campaign builds on the week of #All4Climate activities that happened in and around Milan during Pre-COP26, which ran the gamut from seminars and debates at the MEET Digital Culture Center to action-oriented meetings throughout the city. In particular, we are making October 28 a #WorldIsWatching Day of Action, so we encourage you to try out the filter then and share it with friends if you haven't already!

C4C prides itself on a long history of amplifying young voices, which is why were so excited to support the Italian Ministry on this year’s Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition event in Milan. An incredible assembly of some 400 youth climate leaders—two each from roughly 200 countries—convened ahead of the Pre-COP to develop innovative strategies for implementing climate action across four guiding themes: Climate-Conscious Society, Non-State Actors’ Engagement, Sustainable Recovery, and the central theme of Youth Driving Ambition. The delegates’ outputs set a tone of both hope for a green future and commitment to concrete climate action.

Driving home the spirit of alacrity and teamwork inherent to both  Youth4Climate and the surrounding #All4Climate events was a massive #Music4Climate concert on September 30 in Milan. This event sent a resounding message of hope for a sustainable future worldwide. Rockin’1000, “the largest rock band in the world,” led the celebration, which featured an unforgettable set of climate-positive music performed by 100 musicians from around the world rocking out together onstage.

All of these events and initiatives have been united in their goal: to inspire ideation, collaboration, and execution of impactful climate action on a scale never before seen. Only by working together can we make 2021 the year for climate ambition and concerted action that it needs to be, so don’t hesitate to lend your voices to the call for action and your eyes to the #WorldIsWatching campaign!