Climate Change Infographics

There are a number of great climate change infographics avilable to explain the challenge and help provide solutions. Below is a selection of them.

The UN Climate Solutions Report in Numbers

Source: UN Foundation 2014


Building Low-Carbon Cities

Source: World Bank 2013


Visualising a Warming World by Laura Canali


Climate Extremes Regional Impacts and the Case for Resilience

Source: World Bank 2013


How Many Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide

Source: Information is Beautiful 2012


A 4C Warmer World - We Can and Must Avoid it

Source: World Bank 2012


How Climate Change is Destroying the Earth

Source: Learn Stuff 2012





Climate Hub
  • Environment Academies for Climate Justice

    August 19 2014

    Kehkashan Basu explanins how Green Hope UAE uses innovative teaching to spread climate change awareness and encourage children and youth to share their climate actions on the Tree of Hope.

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Climate Change
C4C leaflet

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